Definition: a blood relationship. a sharing of characteristics or origins.

We are African. We are Kin. We are AFRIKIN.

Borne from the soil of our mother continent, Afrikin offers artisanal bath, body and hand 
care products.

Rooted in our inspiration of the continent’s extraordinary abundance of oils, extracts and ancient skin care wisdom; we remain conscious of our responsibility to leave a positive impact and led by the spirit of Ubuntu.

Sustainably sourced and produced in Africa, Afrikin offers luxurious products of the highest quality and efficacy, with a focus on minimizing their environmental impact.

From Africa, to me. To you. To us.

Age-old wisdom from the African soil

Our bond with Africa lies at the heart of our products.

Enriched with a luxurious blend of oils from the African soil, including ARGAN OIL, BAOBAB SEED OIL, WATERMELON OIL, SHEA BUTTER AND KALAHARI DESERT MELON OIL, Afrikin products envelop the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully nourished.

Blended together with other oils such as Sunflower, Linseed, Coconut, Macadamia Nut and Olive Fruit Oil – known for their healing, balancing and protecting properties – Afrikin products are packed with anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids.

I am, because we all are



Definition: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

With a commitment to sustainability and being waste-averse, Afrikin products are all packaged in aluminium, using zero plastic. All our packaging can be recycled, refilled or re-used, down to the labels on our bottles, which can we cleaned and reapplied.

We make it easier for you to commit to zero waste too: We offer you a R 10 discount off your next purchase when you bring your empty Afrikin products to us. We will then either recycle them (in the case of our Aluminium tubes) or refill the bottles and clean and re-use the labels.

We all make a difference, when one of us makes a difference.